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Chansa Tembo, Zambia

View Video! My name is Chansa Tembo and I was born on the 22nd of May 1982 at the University Teaching Hospital in the capital city of Zambia, Lusaka. My parents are both Zambian and come from different provinces, and I am the last born of five boys. My mother comes from the Luapula Province and my father comes from the Eastern Province, and so there is a unique mix of different indigenous tribes, in my family and my name Chansa Tembo is evident of the union of that diversity. I began nursery school in Zambia at age 5 in 1987 and then in 1988 I left Zambia with my mother for England where she was offered a scholarship to study Counseling and Guidance at West London institute of Higher Education. I was enrolled at Greenwich Primary School until I moved to Woolwich where I joined Woodhill Primary School. I flew back to Zambia in 1992 and completed my primary school education at Lake Road PTA School in 1995. In 1996 my father who was a Professor at the University of Zambia was appointed as ambassador to Japan. As a result of his appointment I left Zambia and moved to Japan. I was enrolled at St.Mary’s International School in Tokyo. My parents decided that sending me to boarding school would be more stable, as I wouldn’t have to change schools often, if and whenever they were moved to other countries. In 1998 I was sent to Stanborough Park School in Watford, England as a boarder where I completed my high school. After I completed my high school I was accepted to Bond University in Australia on the Gold Coast where I developed an interest for film and television. In 2004, due to unforeseeable circumstances, I was unable to complete my university studies and returned to Zambia. Since then I have been working as a freelance videographer, which I am still doing at the moment.

Aissa Angela Verzosa Peñafiel, Philippines

View Video! Aissa Peñafiel was born July 20, 1986 to parents Ondette and Raul Peñafiel. As a child she loved climbing trees and fences, always aiming to see the world at a different angle. Her first experiences at filmmaking occurred when she was still young, making home videos with her siblings, having her older brother as the director. Ever adventurous and not one to be discouraged from doing something she really wants, Aissa received her Bachelor’s degree in Film and Audio Visual Communication from the University of the Philippines - Diliman, cum Laude, with Best Short Film Thesis honors to boot. After her studies, she participated in various film festivals including having a short film "Manong Maong" (Mister Denim) screened at the 62nd Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner. She achieved all this without ever compromising her passion of being at a higher altitude, being an active mountaineer. Currently, she seeks new opportunities and challenges to fuel her ever-ongoing quest for improvement and self-growth.

Lukasz Szozda, Poland

View Video! Since childhood I drew comics. I even managed to get 2nd place in the comic contest organized by Cartoon Network in 2001 in Poland. That is why I have decided to study art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. As it turns out, there was no specialty in comic books at the Academy so I decided to study animation. I studied at the Graphic Department specializing in Multimedia Artistic Creation, with a specialization in Animation. I soon found out how much more you can show using animation and fell in love with it completely. During my studies I spent one semester at the Hochschule für Bildende Künste in Dresden studying at the New Media Department. Besides animation, I still drew comics, illustrations and designed posters. I managed to win 2nd prize in a national contest for poster design, promoting the action "Original is beautiful," organized by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. In 2007, I graduated from the Academy with honors and started to work as a freelancer specializing in 2D animation and graphic design. I work with some animation studios and many Institutions. Besides that I always try to find time to work on my own animated projects. I have submitted short animated movies in many film festivals and contests. I managed to win two audience awards in 2006 and 2007 in Warsaw and was honored with an award in animation in 2009 in Wroclaw. For all those interested, my movies as well as other works can be seen on my website: www.lukfilms.pl. I am still trying to broaden my horizons while remaining fascinated withthe possibilities of animated movies to tell stories and share my thoughts with other people.

Tsering Choden, Nepal

View Video! Tsering Choden is a voice, literally. A radio presenter and a writer for youth magazines for over 10 years, she is known as Choden to her listeners and as Tsering to her readers. Camera and media shy, she is recognised more by her work more than her face. She was among the first English radio presenters in Nepal, and created a place for herself working at Hits FM 91.2, through shows like Women Rock - a show featuring women in rock and women who rock, Megatops - a weekly countdown of English singles, Free Your Mind - a mature show where readers get to express their hearts and minds. She was an early and an integral part of the WAVE team, Nepal’s first youth magazine. Starting as a staff writer, she worked her way up and worked for many years as its assistant editor. Currently, she works as a Marketing and Administrative Director for Passage International, a Study Abroad Program. Passionate about music and radio, she also co-produces an English podcast: Motley Mix (http://motleymix.nepal123.com). She is also the Editor for Y!, a youth magazine founded by the former WAVE team. A woman of many passions, Tsering thrives on music, movies, books, travel etc. Over the years, she has managed to live out her passions through her shows, her writings, travels, and of late, short films and podcasts. Tsering would like to thank the following people for being a part of this production: Concept -Tsering Choden, Yanik Shrestha. Music - Pravin Chettri. Lyrics - Lyrics InThePenDense. Translation - Vikash Pradhan. Audio Bytes - Srijan Man Nakarmi. Camera - Pravat J Gurung, Bipra Acharya, Tsering Choden. Audio - Pravat J Gurung. Video - Tsering Choden, Vikash Pradhan. Direction - Tsering Choden. Produced by Vikash Pradhan, oneFILM -http://motleymix.com.np

Rodin Hamidi, U.A.E.

View Video! Born in Iran, I have chosen Art at the age of fifteen, and actually got interested in this field very early, when I realized that this was the best way of expression for me as it is an international language which almost everyone regardless of their cultural backgrounds can understand or at least connect with it in different ways. After three years of high school education, I gained my diploma in cinematography. During that time, I started carrying my first camera and taking shots of portraits of people as well as landscapes. From my point of view, Photography is key to understanding the relationship between composition, forms, colors and various concepts. It was art that made me see the environment, which actually surrounded me in such detail. After four years at the university, I obtained my degree in photography from the Azad University of Art & Architecture in Tehran. During my studies I have had several exhibitions in Baran and Atbin Art gallery in Tehran and also at the Tehran Museum of contemporary Arts (second conceptual art exhibition). In 2006 I moved to Dubai to further my education in Digital Filmmaking at Middlesex University “SAE” where I successfully obtained my bachelor degree. Living in Dubai was a good opportunity for me to meet the right people in the world of art curating and artists including Mr. Ferydoun Ave, since then I’m working with XVA gallery and I have had two exhibitions in Dubai, Mega Cage Series and Temple of the Mind 2008 and participate in several group exhibitions. My works have been published in several magazines namely, ‘Next Level’ and a also inside a book titled ‘Iranian Photography Now’ by Ross Issa.

Anna Carolina dos Santos Israel, Brazil

View Video! My name is Anna Carolina dos Santos Israel, and I’m from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I am 22 and I started studying English when I was 9. I’ve been an English teacher for two years and a student of French for a year and a half. Movies have always been a passion of mine, but my family never let me go to Film school, so I started studying Law instead. Last year, one year away from graduation, I decided that I should do what I’ve always dreamed of doing. Today, I’m a freshman at the best Film school in Rio with a full scholarship. This is why being a finalist in this contest means so much to me, it shows me that making this big change was really the right thing to do.

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